Our clerics ‘re now executive almajiri – Najaatu

Convener of Salamah Youth and Enlightenment Initiative, an NGO, Hajiya Najaatu Muhammmad has accused some Muslim clerics of becoming ‘executive almajiri instead of sticking to their call.

She, however, said she would dedicate the  rest of her life to sensitising the youths towards restoring their hope, confidence and honour in getting society to remember it’s duty bound to help each other as Muslims.

Hajiya Najaatu stated this at a town hall meeting with youth groups and other key stakeholders held in Kano over the weekend.

She lamented that clerics were not doing enough in getting people to understand their responsibility towards fellow human being.

“Prophet Muhammmad says at the end of the world clerics will eulogies people in power to get money. This is the time now. We have to rekindle ourselves but unfortunately our clerics are executive almajiris,” she said.

She stated that having said everything against the governments both previous and current without success in getting Nigeria out of the present quagmire it is time for her to change strategy and get away from politics.

“I have lost hope in politics; I don’t have any interest in politics. I would politically support any other person again. It is time to change ourselves outside politics for politics is nothing but detraction,” she stated.

She also said Salamah was established to change the mindset of youths and give them hope to understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Najaatu explained that to proffer solution, her newly established initiative will partner Central Bank of Nigeria  (CBN) to have direct access to series of economic interventions.

“There are lots of interventions from CBN which they don’t reach the downtrodden. Most of the times these interventions are given to politicians and unfortunately they don’t have interest what so ever in developing the youths.

“I don’t agree that our people don’t apply, they don’t access only because of the corruption in the channels; otherwise this resources are our God-given resources. It does not belong to any single person in power but to all Nigerians.”