Over 133,000 women, others benefited indirectly from cashew production – TechnoServe

The Chief Party of TechnoServe, Krishanu Clakravarty has revealed that over 133,000 women, children and men benefited from cashew production in Africa.

TechnoServe is an international nonprofit organization that promotes business solutions to poverty in the developing world by linking people to information, capital markets.

Krishanu said during a media parley organized by TechoServe business solutions on its prosper cashew project adding that prosper cashew will be remembered in 2030 as a catalyst to transformational impact.

He said the project has led to the generation of $1.5 billion in cashew kernel sales and at the same time provided 26,000 new jobs.

Also, the Regional Director of TechnoServe West Africa, Larry Umunna said the organization is working to deliver business solutions in a bid to eradicate poverty in 30 countries around the globe.

In his words “We have worked for decades in Ghana, in Nigeria and included in sectors such as cocoa, cashew enterprise development and food processing.”

Also, the Managing Director of the African Cashew Alliance, Ernest Mintah observed that in the cashew sector there is still a very wide gap in terms of knowledge base efficiency between Africa and Asia

Mintah further explained that Africans are processing about 10% of Cashew production on the continent, but it cannot be done alone by cabinets or by the private sector.

In his words “We know India has been processing for many years. But the Vietnamese continent used the right approach with the right technology to deliver.

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