Oyo Assembly announces dissolution of 36 c’ttees

The Speaker, Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon Adebo Ogundoyin, Thursday, announced the immediate dissolution of all 36 standing committees.

It was learnt that the dissolution said to be the first time of such since inception of the 9th Oyo state Assembly was carried out during its plenary.

Hon Ogundoyin while speaking with newsmen after the sitting, disclosed that standing committees are part of the pillars of the house in carrying out its legislative duties dissuading whatever speculations anyone may want to ascribe to the dissolution.

“Standing committees are part of the pillars of the legislature the House of Assembly and this is second year in office, we expect rejig our position.We expect to be more effective and efficient in our roles as legislators in terms of oversight, in terms of law making and other functions of the legislature”, he said.

Hon Ogundoyin added, “what happens is normal in the parliament and it helps to sharpens members and helps to sharpen the procedures of the legislature.”

“In terms of outstanding bills that are yet to be done, I believe there are about ten of them, we will employ other Committees to look into them and finish up as fast as possible before our long recess”.

The Speaker stressed, “at a point of completion of those bills I believe we would have passed over 73 bills which surpasses the previous record set by the previous Assembly by over 20.”

“The previous assembly could only complete 53 bills in a span of four years, and we would have managed to complete these bills in the span of two years. So, you can see the disparity in the effectiveness and efficiency of this assembly and we are only trying to take it to the next level.”

Assuring that with such precedent by the 9th Oyo state house of assembly, succeeding assemblies will know the standard and expectations of the people from them.

Hon Ogundoyin expressed appreciation to the dissolved committee members for helping the house achieve what it has been able to achieve within two years.