Oyo govt ready to prevent cholera outbreak – Perm sec


The Oyo state government on Friday reassured the people of the state of its preparedness to prevent an outbreak of cholera in all the nooks and crannies of the state.

Addressing a press conference, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mufutau Ayoola, urged the people of the state to ensure that they properly dispose of their faeces and refuse, while improving on their personal hygiene.

He said, “The Ministry of Health wishes to draw the attention of the members of the public to the need to prevent the outbreak of cholera among the populace. Cholera is a water-borne illness which is highly contagious.

“It is an that is transmitted from person to person through faeces oral route, that is through eating food or drinking of water contaminated by faeces, especially where the source of drinking water has been polluted by flooding in unprotected wells as well as attending a large gathering of people during ceremonies such as wedding and funeral and contact with persons with cholera or who died of cholera.

“The disease often presents with frequent watery diarrhoea and vomiting and it is common where people practice open defecation. Members of the public are hereby implored to always take some precautions and preventive measures. They should avoid drinking water from doubtful sources, e.g. streams, wells that have been polluted by floodwater.”