Pam charges pilgrims not to abscond from Jordan

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Executive Secretary Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), Rev. Dr. Yakubu Pam, has charged pilgrims from Enugu and Benue states, embarking on pilgrimage to Jordan, not to abscond but to come back to Nigeria after their spiritual peregrination.

Pam, who gave the charge to over 300 pilgrims, who were airlifted from the Enugu International Airport to Jordan on Sunday, said Nigeria is the only country they have and should come back to.

He said though there were problems here and there but Nigerians are better at home than stay abroad, pointing out that there is no country in the world that is devoid of crisis, and therefore urged them not to think of absconding from Jordan.

“Despite our problems in Nigeria, it is better we are at home. Don’t make the mistake of trying to escape, make sure that you come back,” he exhorted.

He explained that the pilgrims were going to Jordan instead of Israel because at the moment, Israel was on lockdown because of COVID-19 pandemic and pointed out that next time when Israel may have opened up, pilgrimage to Israel would resume.

Pam, however, said the pilgrims would enjoy their stay in Jordan because there were about 70 sites that they would visit like where Jesus was baptised and other interesting places mentioned in the Bible.

“There are certain areas in the Bible that if they are not mentioned, history will not be complete. Israel is not free for now because it is still on lockdown. If between now and next year it opens up, pilgrimage will commence there.

“Jordan played a vital role in the Bible.

Gov. Ugwuanyi who was represented by his deputy, Mrs Cecilia Ezilo, during the ceremony for the official take off of the pilgrimage, urged them to be good ambassadors and represent Enugu state and the country well.

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