Pass VAPP Act, PGI urges states


As Nigeria marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, a non governmental organisation Proactive Gender Initiative, (PGI), has charged state governments to speedily pass the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act.

This as initiative has also backed the establishment of a sexual offenders’ register.

PGI National Coordinator, Barr. Esther Uzoma, in a statement yesterday in Abuja, said state governments needed to demonstrate their commitment against the rising case of violence and sexual abuse of women by passing the VAPP Act.

The VAPP was passed into law by Nigeria’s National Assembly in 2015.

Speaking on the significance of the day, Uzoma said beyond calling attention to violence

Against women, it also reinforces the commitment of governments, civil society and citizens to check the historical abuses of women.

“It is urgent and imperative that state governments do the needful by passing and domesticating the VAPP Act if the issue of violence and sexual abuse of women has to be addressed at the state level.

“Most abusers walk away because at the state level, there are no far-reaching laws to deal with the incidences of abuse, violence and sexual exploitation of women including minors.

“No society makes meaningful progress without taking women along; protecting and giving them a voice. It is to this end that we at Proactive Gender Initiative support wholly the idea of a sexual offenders’ register so that those who have taken to abusing and exploiting our children can leave in the hall of infamy all the days of their lives,” Uzoma said.

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