PDP crisis: Nnaji prays for God’s intervention

Worried by the party’s internal wrangling, a stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Barr. Ray Nnaji in Enugu state has prayed for God’s intervention for the peaceful resolution of the crisis, adding that it is only his party that has the capacity to wrestle power from the firm grip of the ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC) at the federal level come 2023.

Nnaji stated this in an interview in Enugu following the crisis to oust Prince Uche Secondus as the National Chairman.

He therefore prayed that God will help PDP overcome their internal squabbles to take over from APC which he said has failed in all fronts.

According to him, PDP is the hope that Nigeria has at the moment to bring Nigeria to the path of sanity and economic El Dorado.

“What we are looking now is how to find solution to the problem of the party because PDP is the only hope that the country has,” he said.

Nnaji however wondered what people saw in APC that they are moving over in droves to APC when it is clear that the party has driven the country aground.

“I don’t know the reason why people are moving over to APC in droves. I don’t know the reason they are doing it, even my brother and friend, the governor of Ebonyi State which I was telling him that it was a political suicide. Within him, I know he will be lamenting.

“I don’t know why somebody who has been doing well will move to APC for no reason. I don’t know the reason because they have not helped any matter.

“Before APC came to power in 2015, the exchange rate of Dollars was N150 per Dollars but today it is above N500 per Dollars. What are we talking? What is the security situation? Now, look at the other day, bandits went it the NDA, killed two officers and abducted one. It has never happened.

“If bandits had the courage to penetrate NDA to kill and abduct soldiers, I wonder where we are heading to and the Defence Minister said it was a case of armed robbery. If it was a case of armed robbery, it means armed robbers will go to 82 Division to rob and if that is the case, what will be our fate,” Nnaji laments to show that APC has failed and that PDP is the only option to pull Nigeria from dungeon.

Nnaji said that the option for Nigerians is to wait patiently for APC to complete their tenure in 2023, but wondered if they are ready to relinquish power.

“The country will manage for them to finish their tenure but the problem is that they are planning to rig the 2023 election by failing to approve the transmission of election results by electronic means. You are not doing well and you still want to force yourself on us, it is very unfortunate, ” he alleges.

Nnaji who is convinced that it is only PDP that can navigate the political ship of Nigeria said by divine intervention, PDP will emerge from its internal wrangling and rescue Nigerians from APC’s supposed misrule.

“As I am talking to you, no other party can take over from APC apart from PDP. We are saying that God will help us to put our house in order to win future elections,” Nnaji said.