PDP driven by impunity, imposition- Onwubuya

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) says that the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is notorious for impunity and imposition of candidates despite claim to the contrary.
The party said in spite of the acclaimed rebranding of the PDP allegedly to revamp and rejuvenate ahead of the 2019 general elections stressing that it has stuck to its tendencies in attitude and comportment.
Accordingly, the FJP national chairman and presidential candidate, Dr. Onwubuya J.A. Breakforth, warned that returning the party to power in 2019 would amount to returning to political and economic bondage.

“The PDP is driven by impunity and imposition of candidates. It can’t change. Under the PDP’s 16 years rule there was no freedom, no justice, no democracy. The nation was under siege, there was lack of internal democracy”, he said stressing that the nation does not need another round of bondage.
Rather than waste precious votes on the PDP, the presidential candidate urged Nigerian electorate to give its mandate to the FJP whose manifesto he said guarantees Nigerians true freedom, justice and real democracy.
“The JFP offers Nigerians true democracy and justice. We shall have a Nigeria without tears, free from political and economic bondage. And we hope to restore Nigeria to a pride of place that will facilitate rapid development in all sectors.

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“We do not need old drivers in a new car, which the PDP and even the ruling APC represent. With our 7.5 million membership, a manifesto that truly captures the needs of the people and a crop of true democrats at the driving wheel, we shall ensure that the yearnings of the people are met”, he assured.
The presidential candidate, therefore, urged Nigerians to ignore the PDP and focus attention on the party with real freedom, justice and democratic principles, noting that Nigeria needs a crop of fresh leaders with the knack to offer selfless service not those with tribal cleavages.

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