PDP must take action against defection – Aruwa

Well, unfortunately the decisions of the party hierarchy to pick Bamanga as Chairman of the party, rightly or wrongly, was made, and throughout the party was full of turmoil.  From the time he took over, I don’t think there was a week of peace. So, there is no room to assess his administration.  He was not able to administer other than troubleshooting, trying to resolve problems.  So, it is difficult, to be fair, for anybody to say he was good or bad.  For this reason, I don’t think I can pass any comment on Bamanga Tukur’s administration of PDP.

Now that Bamanga Tukur has become a former chairman of PDP, having resigned his position due to pressure, and PDP, particularly in the North, has lost four governors to the opposition APC, what do you think would be the electoral fortunes of the party in the coming elections?

He has come and he’s gone. Now if we are talking about governors defecting, members of the House of Representatives – they did not do this for neither Tukur nor PDP; they were inviting chaos into the nation and it would affect everyone of us, because it is only in a country where there is no rule of law that you can take a mandate from party ‘A’ to party ‘B’ without regard to the electorate and you expect democracy to succeed. So, talking about defection within a party, a ruling party, and expecting it to be a minority through the whims and caprices of its own members – not the electorate – I don’t think anyone of you should even give credence or support, unless you all resolve that the military should come back.  For example, if PDP today decided to recall each of those members, governors, senators or House of Representatives, it requires only 5,000 signatories. Do you think in all those states that the governors said they have left, PDP will fail to get 5,000 signatories from its own members within that state? The answer is no, PDP can always get that signatories. But what is the consequential effect of recall, if PDP elect to do that? If you look at what is happening now, it’s like people who have cooked in a pot, fed fat in the pot, now becoming hell bent on breaking that pot so that nobody can cook in that pot again Aruwa– it’s more or less in that direction. There is nothing good about defection. If you want to defect, resign your elected office. But in this case, they are not resigning, and do you expect PDP to just sit and fold its arm? So, this is a question for each and every one of you.  It affects all of us.  It’s an invitation to chaos.  So, I don’t know what reaction PDP will take in this direction, but certainly don’t expect it to sit down and not apply the rules governing such defections. And if that happens, it is politicians that have failed the country. So, it is nothing to write home about.

But we’ve seen governors from other parties defecting to PDP and the world did not collapse. In any case, what does the PDP constitution say concerning defection?

If a precedent was established, it is not an excuse to totally abandon the rule and law.  I’m not talking about the PDP constitution; I’m talking about the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Electoral Act, these are very clear. Let’s talk about Yuguda. He took a ticket from ANPP to PDP. I know how much we fought on that issue, but again, li

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