PDP NASS caucus accuses Buhari of breaches of constitution

… Tells Pantami to quit 

The Caucus of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the National Assembly declared Tuesday that it has  resolved to compile alleged  breaches of constitution by President Muhammadu Buhari with a view to imposing appropriate legislative sanction on him.

Rising from an emergency meeting which lasted for about two hours at the Senate premises, the lawmakers noted that President Buhari had been absent from duty at a time he was needed to take crucial actions in tackling the country’s teething security challenges. 

The leader of the Caucus and Senate Minority Leader,  Enyinnaya Abaribe, alongside other members of the Caucus, at a press briefing, alleged  that the Buhari-led APC administration had broadened the country’s security challenges. 

“The caucus has also taken note of the fact that the President is absent from duty. We have not seen our president. We have not heard from our president despite the daily killings that have turned Nigeria into a killing field of unimaginable proportions. 

“Therefore, the caucus has taken note and will continue to take note of the constitutional breaches that is happening at this time by the government of the APC and will at the appropriate time utilize all constitutional methods and measures available after consultations with our colleagues to do the needful to safe the country from collapse”, he said.

The lawmakers also alleged that their lives were being threatened because of the positions they took on the failings of government. 

“We also, as a caucus, want to put on notice to all Nigerians and the international community about the threats to the lives of our members, to those who come out to say things that are true about the state of Nigeria today, and this threats have come in various forms, including threat to life.” They stressed. 

The caucus reminded the APC government about the fact that  they were given free opportunity to express themselves against the past government of Goodluck Jonathan.

“They were able to even do a march, a demonstration led by the president himself. And so, this discent into stifling democracy was not what we envisaged when Nigerians fought for a democratic government. 

“So , we condemn this attempt at holding everybody down and trying to shut us up and make sure that nobody says because they think by doing so, problems of the country will disappear. We say that problems of the country will not disappear.”

“The caucus also expressed strong reservations about what  it called “the economic strategy of the government which has   culminated into what is called quantitative easing, which the ordinary man knows as printing money”, they added.

The Caucus lamented further that the   strategy of Buhari led government has led us to the very high inflation that we have today, devaluation of our Naira to the height that we never expected and has also concomitantly brought out unemployment and has led the government to contemplate, as we see today, to raise the price of fuel, electricity tarrif and all manners of charges on the helpless Nigerians. 

The Caucus therefore  called on government to reverse itself on all policies not working for the good of Nigerians , particularly  mindless borrowings  which it said , have not yielded  any benefits for Nigeria and Nigerians.
 The caucus in a subtle reference to the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ibrahim Pantami, also expressed its opposition to his continued stay in office on account of dangerous accusations against him .

“We, as a caucus, are opposed to the continued superintendent of the NIN registration by someone whom the country has lost confidence in. And we ask the government to go ahead and summon the courage to do the needful that when people lose confidence in a member of this government, that person should either quit or be fired.

“We should not lose hope in the country, but we should do everything possible to able to get rid of this APC-led government when the time for elections comes”, the lawmakers added.

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