PDP reconciliation: Dickson urges leaders against provocative utterances

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Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP’s) Reconciliation Committee, Gov Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa states has warned members and leaders of the party to desist from making provocative utterances which he said was capable of derailing the reconciliation process.

Dickson who gave this warning after meeting with the members of his committee on Monday night stated that his committee has already established contact with aggrieved persons who participated in the election at the party’s convention.

According to Dickson, the essence of establishing contact with all the various aspirants who contested the various offices was to engage and interact with them with view to promoting amicable resolution and better understanding within the PDP family.

“Generally, we are pleased with the outcome of the exercise (Convention) but we have established contact already with those who are dissatisfied and who have concerns, issues and grievances which is normal in an exercise such as this.

Gov Dickson announced that the committee’s “contact with all the chairmanship candidates was very positive. Our overtures were well received and in the next couple of days and weeks, you are going to see a lot of activities in that regard undertaken by this committee.”

He stated that the committee would be at liberty to co-opt other party leaders whose input would be helpful in the reconciliation process adding that the “committee will undertake several visits to those of our party leaders who may have concerns and issues.”

He said, “It is not our business in this committee to apportion blame. Our ficus is to promote reconciliation because all party leaders are important. Their concerns are also very important. Where there are grievances it is the view of this committee that those grievances be looked into and addressed where possible.

“I want to also make an appeal to all members and leaders of our party  with no exception, to be careful about statements that they are making, particularly on these matters.

“We don’t want a situation where comments that are provocative ate made by party members and especially party leaders that will inflame passion and be misunderstood and be used to convey unintended meanings.
“So our appeal to all party members and leaders is to exercise caution and show restraint. And above all, to also show respect one to the other. Because in the end, we are all members of the same family and citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Dickson further explained: “In a general sense, our mandate covers interacting with people who have left (the party) but that is not what we are looking at now. But this is also an opportunity as party leaders to call on party leaders and members who for one reason or the other left in the past to consider to return home.”

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