PDP stalwart blasts politicians for ‘squandering’ Nigeria’s future

The first chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Uyo local government area, Akwa Ibom state, Elder Enefiok Ekefre, has accused political leaders of squandering the future of unborn generation.

Ekefre, who made the accusation recently during an interactive session  with newsmen in Uyo, the state capital, asserted that leaders in positions of authority in the country are there to deceive the people and make away with the common patrimony.

He said they struggle for political power and keep recycling themselves in government for selfish purposes.

“This ‘sit-tight’ group of human beings in my generation keep recycling themselves in political offices. They will be a commissioner and even descend low to serve as a chairman of a board or commission under that same ministry they served.

“They may even return to contest for a councillorship in a ward, or even beg for an appointment as a messenger in the board. If you don’t give them that appointment, you are in trouble because they don’t have anything to fallback to.

“They don’t have plans for anybody. They only want to be in power. Government is their industry and their factory. Their family members are the staff.

“A father will become a council chairman, former commissioner, former minister and former everything.  Their children will be above 50 years and have nothing doing, yet the father will still be occupying political positions in government. We must allow our children to be part of the leadership process.

“Our political leaders in our generation have squandered the future of the next generation.  I expect my children to be better than me. Why I’m making the statement is simple – I don’t want to be part of the people that squandered the future of children.

“I will like to see my children becoming something better tomorrow. This country was not created for a certain class of people,” he said.

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