Peace Corps employs 6 graduate IDPs, donate food items

Six graduates among others in Kuchigoro Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)’s camp in the Federal Capital Territory (FCD) yesterday secured immediate employment from the management of the National Unity and Peace Corps (NUPEC), even as the Corps donated some food items to assist the victims.

Checks revealed that about 1572 persons from 27 Local governments of Borno and Adamawa states are currently in the Abuja camp.

The Commandant General of the Corps Dr. Chinnedu Nneji, who made the offer after listening to complaints of the affected persons in the camp, asked the camp leaders to nominate six among the graduates to be employed by the Corps.

While donating the food items which include bags of rice, noodles and groundnut oil, Dr. Nneji said the effort was part of activities marking this year’s United Nation’s International Day of Peace

Nneji, who declared that his organisation which is in fore front as peace advocate, will continue to share the problems of the IDPs and ensure that peace is truly restored to their communities.

Speaking with newsmen shortly after presentation of the food items, the NUPEC Commandant General Dr. Chinnedu Nneji, called on governments at all level and private individual to extend hands of help to the victims on insecurity at the camp.

“Nigerian government should also know that the people here are our brothers and sisters who deserve to benefit from the legacies or democratic dividends of the current government. So, I urge the government to come to their aide and ensure that the basic amenities that they require in this camp are provided so that there will not be outbreak of epidemics that could cause problem not just for them in the camp but for people living around the FCT.

“By extension I wish to request all government agencies that feels that their extension to this camp no matter how little, like hospital, Schools in FCT and any other agencies that feel it can give some of them employment to come and do that now because they need it now more than ever before and for other agencies, especially the multi-national in the country; the oil companies and others that have benefited from government of Nigeria, this is a call to all of them to come to the aide if our people.”

Earlier, Secretary of the camp, Enoch Yohana, requested the NUPEC boss to continue to advocate on their behalf so that peace can quickly return to their communities.

While asking for employment slot for the graduates in the camp, Yohana said most of them had been affected psychologically as a result of activities of the insurgents, adding that some graduates in the camp got their credentials burnt as a result.

“We lack peace in our community but we are glad to hear your name (National Unity and Peace Corps) and we believe that through your organisation peace will return to our communities. We have hope now because some of us have loss hope,” he said.

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