Pels international CEO, Okiemute Pela gives tips on skincare, beauty

Looking good, they say, is good business. In the words of Okiemute Tonye Pela, the Chief Executive Officer of Pels International, a foremost skincare company with an enviable track record, skincare should be the business of everyone.

He said cosmetology has the ability to make a difference in people’s lives.

“It finds a way of improving the features of the face and skin, therefore improving the image of that person. This can change lives because in the real world, image matters. It can stop people from getting jobs or meeting that special someone in their life for the first time. The impact of beauty products in a person’s appearance and facial features can have a profound effect on that person’s life. Hence, cosmetology enhances true beauty,” he said.

Speaking further on beauty and skincare, he added. “Skincare is a very broad practice, we have the product formulators, medical aestheticians, dermatologists etc. Skincare is the art of taking proper care of your skin, paying attention and making sure to have a clean, clear, youthful and elastic skin that glows. And it’s highly advisable to deal with an experienced specialist as your skin is your largest organ. Consultation with your aesthetician is also required to get the most appropriate result.

He also averred that skincare is important regardless of age and sex.

“Skincare is for everyone because men also have skin problems. For instance, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, rashes and even acne. Most men pay less attention to themselves and this is wrong. Beauty is an individual’s physical attributes and perhaps outlook. It can be body, shape or facial structure that pleases the sight. Style can be described as an individual’s personality, characteristic traits or mannerism, or perhaps an individual’s personal perspective towards various aspects of life, maybe fashion, beauty and the role of skincare is to improve your beauty standards,” he said.

Okiemute Tonye Pela, started his business of skincare in 2013 when he established Pels International. Presently, they have their head office in Lagos and a branch in Abuja.The brand has since gone global through their online presence via their website

The company has carved a niche for itself as a foremost skincare brand in Nigeria, having featured severally on different media platforms including TV, online, newspapers and magazine.

Okiemute Tonye Pela has been invited as a speaker and guest in some international conferences on skincare.

“We offer top notch skincare and spa services, beauty and skincare consultation, we also have some doctors/chemist & dietitians that we work with for some delicate issues, because health and nutrition also plays a role in having a clear skin, we offer custom and personalized skincare products to target some individuals specific skin problems,” he says

Okiemute Tonye Pela, was born on 17th July 1992, in Rivers State, Port Harcourt. He attended Bereton Nursery and Primary School Port Harcourt then proceeded into Federal Government College, also in Port Harcourt. He studied International Business and graduated from Bells University of Technology Ota Ogun State, Nigeria.

He is from Delta state, Nigeria, and he is a famous aesthetician and cosmetologist well known all over Nigeria, having touched the lives of many people through his expertise which was in part honed in Manila, Philippines

He has also gone through various researches both home and abroad to further his researches and educate himself more as well as discover new beauty secrets. He has attended various beauty fairs and conferences across the globe to enhance his knowledge and creativity.

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