Please, let’s give peace a chance

Every day people wake up to one news of insecurity or the other. Tune into television or pick up the newspaper, the major headlines center on Boko Haram, bandits, kidnappers, IPOB and so on. Lives are lost on a daily basis, man slaughtering fellow man like animals. Families are displaced and turned homeless, children turned orphans, wives turned widows, dreams shattered and means of livelihood jeopardized.

Able bodied men are rendered useless, running helter skelter in search of shelter. What is life without peace? No place in Nigeria is spared of the bloodshed. The farmers/herders clashes have continued to persist.

The food basket of the nation is becoming hungry. No farmer dares go to farm. Food inflation is on the increase and our people are suffering. For the sake of these poor Nigerians, Fulani herdsmen, please embrace peace.

Look at how much we are spending on guns. Money meant for development is being used to purchase arms and ammunition. Many have been relegated to IDP camps. Our security men fall almost every minute, these are children, husbands and fathers of innocent Nigerians. For the sake of these poor souls, Boko Haram, I beg you to drop your guns.

When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. Schools in Zamfara state have been closed till further notice. The future of the pupils and the students is now on a standstill. Kidnapped victims are held up for ransom thereby forcing their families to sell off properties for settlement.

Why make the poor to become poorer? No wonder, Thomas Hobbes said that man is an enemy of man. Bandits, I beg you to please have conscience and surrender your arms.

Our brothers in the South east must learn from the North. War pays nothing but damages. Darkness can never drive out darkness. Only light can. Shun hate and embrace peace.

The primary responsibility of any government is the protection of citizens’ lives and properties. Our leaders must stop playing politics with our lives. No investor will invest in a violent environment and our youths are jobless. Mr President sir, please secure our dear country and return us back to a peaceful nation.
Adama Umar Ayuba,

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