Pointek harps on improving service delivery

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A service-based technology, Pointek, has stressed the need for improved service delivery in Nigeria and beyond.

While speaking more on the need to guarantee quality service beyond financial pricing, a client, Wisdom Ebuka, said, “For some persons, service delivery is the most prized asset, when it comes to making a choice on who to rely on.

“While others seek cheap services and routes, some aim for the best irrespective of price, as only the best is good enough.

“One firm that stands out in putting its Clients on the front burner in offering them reliable servicy, is Pointek.”

“The present economic situation calls for all and sundry, to show concerns and empathy, in whatever business transactions that takes place, Pointek offers its numerous Clients opportunities to pay little by little, until the full payment is made and the items delivered.

“We make life easier for our clients, that’s why we put them first in whatever we do, because, they’re the ones keeping us in business,” Forteta, Pointek’s Public Relations Manager said.

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