Police hierarchy takes measures to address poor output

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 5, Mr. Rasheed Olatunde Akintunde has announced that the Police hierarchy is taking measures to address issues of indolence and poor output among the officers and rank and file in the formations of the Nigerian Police Force, urging the police personnel that policing is the best profession in the world.

Mr. Akintunde who made this known Thursday during a familiarization visit to the Bayelsa State Police Command, said study by the Police headquarters have shown that slightly over 20 per cent of Police personnel in security formations are active and working, the Nigerian Police Force will soon introduce measures to ensure that the other 80 per cent complement the hard work of the active personnel.

Akintunde, who was in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital as part of his tour of Edo, Delta and Bayelsa, noted that the Police force is not meant for lazy, mischievous and unprofessional persons, “there is no other job better than the Police. If you move out, a policeman with only whistle can stop anyone irrespective of the position. That is when you will know that this job is the best.”

“Police force is not for lazy persons. A police personnel may be called at anytime and any hour of the day. Your uniform must be ready by your side. He must be professional and know what you are doing. The Police job is not for lazy person with doubtful characters. And it is easy because record keeping has made the job easy.”

“Study showed that only 20 per cent of policemen are working in formations. A DPO may come and identify those 20 per cent and work with them. If those 20 per cent score high in hard work, it may not reflect because of others indolence. When the Commissioner of Police mentioned issue of manpower, I want to those on ground will double effort to work.”

Earlier in his welcome address, the Bayelsa State Commissioner of Police , Don Awunah, said though the prevailing crimes in the state are that of crime of passion, armed robbery, kidnapping and sea piracy, “the performance index have shown that the state rank low among crime infested states.It is due to the partnership and synergy with the State Government and the people of the State.”

Awunah told the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) that though the issue of shortage of personnel is a challenge, the Bayelsa Police Command under his supervision has introduced high visibility policing with human face.

He stated that the new system couple with the Incidence convergent domination system is adopted in collaboration with the Counter Terrorism unit, tactical strike force ,Special Anti-Robbery squad, Serious Crime Unit and the Peace and Conflict Resolution Unit.

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