Police hunt murder suspect 7 years after

Seven years after declaring Toby Christopher wrongfully wanted for the murder of his aunt, Ms. Felicia Bayo, the police have said they are still on the case.

Blueprint gathered that trouble started for Christopher sometime in 2012, when his adopted aunt did not wake up from sleep in their one room apartment in Suleja, Niger state, near the FCT.

The deceased, who was one of the survivor of the Christmas Day bombing of St. Theresa Catholic Church, Madalla, in 2011, adopted Christopher after the bomb blast that killed his parents, however, she reportedly started acting ‘funny’ after the bombing incident.

A police source, who told our correspondent that the matter was still an on-going investigation, said though autopsy indicated that Felicia died of heart attack, the manner her son (Christopher) disappeared after her death made him a suspect in her death.

According to the police source, Christopher needed to have been around and given ‘certain information’ as to how they lived.

He said the police was on the heels of adopted son the deceased, whose whereabouts remained a mystery, as the investigating team may have fresh evidence to solve the cold case.

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