Police not doing enough in fight against rape, says UNICEF, Ebonyi traditional ruler

Traditional ruler of  Ameka autonomous country, Ezza South local government area, HRH, Eze Martin Nwali Monday, said  police in the state are frustrating their efforts to reduce  rape cases in the state.

He said that most of the cases they took to the police were secretly closed behind doors, noting that this actions increases  level of rape cases in the societies.

Eze Martin stated this on Monday during Spotlight  Initiative  End VAWG/ EndVAc review  meeting with Community  Surveillance teams(CSTs) in Abakaliki and Ezza South LGA at Osborn La palm Hotels Abakaliki.

He said, “UNICEF  activities in Ebonyi has helped  alot, i would have said those in authority should make laws, but the only problem is that laws made in Nigeria is just funny, it is made for making sake, they will not even try to persecute offenders  except the ways we have been doing it in  our villages. Police even help to close some of the cases we report. If you report rape case, police  knowingly that they are supposed to take the small girl to the hospital,  they will not take the girl till the time lag, they will even keep the girl till one week or one month when the person must have taken bath and clean up herself and traces of rape will not be determined again. They like to kill the casr through the back door, they will go with the help of any lawyet they may call and they will go and entice the family  of the girl with 30, 40, 50, 000 to close the matter”.

Also United Nations Children’s  Fund (UNICEF) Surveillance team during the meeting advocated  for an end to all night wake in Ebonyi communities.

They also noted that security agencies, especially the Nigerian Police and parents are the greatest challenges they face in their work.

They said that most of the rape cases they took to police stations were dismissed by police and parents of the survivors.

Speaking at the event, the assistanct Community Mobilization  and Orientation  Officer (COMO) incharge of Abakaliki local government area, Nwali Monday, noted that the Surveillance team has help to reduce rate of hamful practices on the communities.

“This Survellance team, they have Nwali Monday a so helpful  because  since the inauguration  of the team mant things have changed  to positive. Female genitial mutilation  has been drastically  reduced, beating of women, denial of women’s right and all the harmful  practices done against women have been drastically reduced by the help of these team, they are really trying.

“In Abakaliki  we have seven communities and each of thes communities  have five survellance team members total of 35 members. All of them reportef how they work, they are doing well. Infact the establishment  of the Surveillance team helped alot to reduce violence against women and children.

“The team were given two mobile phones which is not enough,  all the five should be given a phone so that there will  easy access to the team.

“They need to be mobilized  so that they will be able to go to every nook and cranny  of the communities and gather fact to send to the necessary authorities.  Coupled with the ongoing fights in some zone’s of the LGA.

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