Police raid Ansaru terrorists’ camp

I commend the various units of the Nigeria Police Force who took the fight against crime and terror to the criminals’ forested hideouts last week. I find this to be a welcome development, given the growing insecurity ravaging different parts of the country. It is always my belief that security agencies don’t have to sit and wait for the criminals to attack first. Instead, they are to go after them in their hideouts and deal with them before they could unleash havoc on vulnerable communities and road users.

Although the relationship between the force and the citizens they are supposed to protect has always been complicated, the reaction of many Nigerians to the news of the audacious raid seemed one of skepticism if not dismissiveness. Some were even asking “where are they 250 bodies”? I am certain these same individuals would have believed the news had it been it was the other way, when police officers are the victims.

So, rather than engage in bribery, extortion, and harassment of innocent citizens as displayed by rogue police officers, the Nigeria Police Force needs to reinvent itself in order to deal with the challenges posed by rising criminality in the country today.

Nevertheless, it is good to commend the Force whenever it does something good, just like the way some are quick to criticize and condemn police officials whenever they do anything illegal. We will continue to pray for the good ones doing everything possible to protect the lives and property of Nigerians.

I condole with the families of those who died while protecting the motherland and wish those injured a speedy recovery.

Labaran Yusuf,

Jos, Plateau state.

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