Political scientists decry xenophobic attack

The Nigerian Political Science Association has described the attack on Nigerian in South Africa as unfortunate, saying the act demonstrates expression of ungratefulness for the sacrifices made by Nigeria to liberate from apartheid regime.

The national president of the association, Prof Aloysius Oklie, said in Nsukka that the South Africans had forgotten the role of Nigeria in ending apartheid regime in that country.

“It’s unfortunate that Nigeria, a frontline state that championed and financed the fight against the end of apartheid regime in South Africa, has become endangered species.

“Huge amount of tax payers’ money and manpower from Nigeria were used to liberate South Africa people from the crunches of apartheid.

It’s heart breaking that the only appreciation South Africa people will show to Nigeria is constant xenophobic attacks on Nigeria citizens living in South Africa,” he said.

He expressed concern and disappointment on comment credited to South Africa foreign Affairs Minister who described Nigerians living in South Africa as drug traffickers

“If any Nigerian or foreigner in South Africa commits any crime he or she should be tried according to the law rather than the constant barbaric and unprovoked attacks of Nigerians in that clime.

“Relevant institutions in the world should intervene in the ongoing xenophobic attack on foreigners in South Africa before the situation gets out of hand,” he said.

He commended the management of Air Peace Airline for demonstrating commitment to protect the well-being of Nigerians in South Africa by offering to airlift them.

Okolie, however, urged the federal government to profile Nigeria citizens in South Africa to identify the bad eggs who tarnish the image of the country and attract misplaced aggressive behaviour against the law abiding and innocent Nigerians in that country.

“NPSA is collaborating with its counterparts in South Africa to deal with this perennial problem and enthrone good relationship devoid of antagonism and serial attacks.

“l urge South Africa government to act fast and put diplomatic measures in place that will end xenophobic attack on foreigners and promote peaceful co-existence among South Africa people and foreign nationals,” he said.(NAN)

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