Politics and changing face of Bayero varsity

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Our Kano correspondent, BASHIR MOHAMMED, takes a cursory look at how Bayero University Kano fared under the politics of making and leadership of its immediate past Vice Chancellor, Professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed and how the TETFUND intervention  put a human face to the institution widely touted in the academic circles as a bastion of great scholarship.

No democratic dispensation could ever be feasible without considering the academia as one of its major component and it can never function without a credible leader at the helm of its affairs whose impeccable record can never be questioned even by unapologetic cynics.
Bayero University, Kano (BUK) is one of the citadels of knowledge in the country that had carved a niche for itself spanning over a long period of time by maintaining a superb academic standard which many universities in the country lacked the capacity and gravitas to compete with.

Since his appointment as the Vice Chancellor, Bayero University Kano in the year 2010 after succeeding professor Attahiru Jega who was appointed to head the National Electoral Commission by former president Goodluck Jonathan, professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed had noticeably taken the gauntlet in making the university a promising academic edifice in a democratic setting.

Known for his zeal and the acumen to serve with sheer diligence under whatever capacity, the erudite scholar wasted no time in setting the ball rolling in making Bayero University an exceptional fountain of revered scholarship that can compete with any university all over the country.
He had striven blood and sweat in proving his mettle in the face of the unfettered confidence reposed in him by the federal government knowing that no University can proudly answered its name with a lame- duck Vice Chancellor in the saddle of authority

His tenure in office had undoubtedly opened a new vista for academic activity to take proper shape and it was during his time that hundreds of academic staff were sponsored to further their studies at many reputable foreign universities.
He also used his administrative master stroke to effect some revolutionary changes which had positively impacted on both academic and non academic parlance, to the extent that even the most die had cynics had come to appreciate the fact that under his leadership BUK had been transformed into a role model.

The consistent intervention of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) had immensely bolstered the academic fortune of Bayero University as part of the much pronounced dividend of democracy having gotten the opportunity to build some high profile academic infrastructures that can stand the test of time.

Professor Abubakar Rasheed minces no words in telling anyone who cared to listen that  the monumental feats he had achieved on ground, were accentuated by his penchant for excellence taking into cognizance the fact that with quality and sustainable infrastructures on ground the  TETFUND intervention could easily be justified.
Bayero University, was also endowed with another academic treasure in the person of professor Muhammad Yahuza Bello with the exit of professor Abubakar Rasheed whose tenure had recently expired.

The erudite scholar came on board with a mission to sustain the good legacy of his predecessor   considering the unprecedented euphoria that greeted his land slide victory as one who without much furore won the election to become the new Vice Chancellor.
Few days after his appointment, the new Vice Chancellor had actively demonstrated his zeal and the gravitas to lead by example knowing that under the present leadership a workaholic is much needed to convince president Muhammadu Buhari that he can effectively steer the ship of an academic institution like the University.

Professor Bello had also gotten the opportunity to showcase his unique academic agenda at the time some projects executed by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund(TETFUND) were commissioned with pomp and pageantry by TETFUND Executive Secretary , professor Sulieman Bogoro in collaboration with the governors of Kano, Niger and Imo.
Speaking at the epoch- making ceremony the TETFUND Executive Secretary paid a glowing tribute to Professor Abubakar Rasheed for making concerted effort to meet the TETFUND standard and guidelines in executing projects under the Fund intervention drive.

According to him, Bayero University is second in TETFUND ranking given the stunning pace with which high profile projects were executed to the fund satisfaction stressing that without a collective and firm commitment of the University’s authorities the feats would not have been realistic.
He said the federal government was inspired to pay good attention to Bayero University considering the marvellous strides it had effected within a short spell.

It was Bogoro’s contention that the University had effectively utilized the opportunity it had gotten from the TETFUND intervention in the area of projects execution stressing that Bayero University had proven its academic prowess under the purposeful leadership of its immediate past Vice Chancellor.
He said he was absolutely confident that his successor, Professor Muhammad Yahuza Bello would strive to sustain the tempo of such struggle given the clear roadmap he had designed in propelling the university to greater height.
Professor Bello on his part was explicit in describing the establishment of the Centre for Renewable Energy Research and the department of petrol chemical engineering and the new department of Bio- chemistry at the old site of the University as edifices that can be used in making research most especially now that the country is in need of superb technological innovations.

with the promising pace of development taking place at the old and permanent sites of the university, even students on both campuses had attested to the fact that under the present democratic dispensation , BUK can be said to be one of the leading pace setters  in espousing high academic standard in line with the known indices of global practices.

In the words of a level 3oo student with the university who craved for anonymity ,BUK has never had it so good under successive dispensations and that the dividend of democracy at present had positively impacted on the university given TETFUND  consistent intervention in executing high profile projects.
According to him, it is fool hardy for the government to politicize the issue of university education simply because those in the corridors of power want to dance to the whims and caprices of a cabal dictating the tune of the unfolding events in the nation.

A female level 300 student with the university who also spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity said  BUK ranked among the best Universities in the country whose products can be said to be exceptionally polished compared to other graduates being produced  all over the country.
She said from all intents and purposes, the incumbent Vice Chancellor is also poised to make a date with history given his flair for academic excellence as incontrovertibly exhibited by his predecessor stressing that  with the fighting spirit of the duo nothing would stand as a cog in the wheel of the University’s resolve to move forward.

She called on the new Buhari administration to support the drive to make the University education ticking most especially now that the country is in dire need of the much needed manpower to maintain its status as a leading economic and political super power in Africa.
Bayero University as pundits posited concurred, is on the road to achieving greatness with the new Vice Chancellor, professor Muhammad Yahuza Bello in the saddle of authority having had the zeal to sustain the tempo of his predecessor.

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