Politics is leading problem, can’t divide Nigerians – Peace Corps boss

Commandant-General NPC Dr. Mustapha M. Abubakar

The Commandant-General, Nigerian Peace Corps (NPC), Dr. Mustapha M. Abubakar, Thursday, identified politics as the only area that Nigeria as a nation had failed and declared that it can’t divide Nigerians.

Abubakar, who spoke at the National Peace Summit held at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR), Abuja, organised by the Corps, expressed the optimism that it could be fixed 

The CG disclosed that unity was working 99 percent among Nigerians, saying that the country failed because some Nigerians were not ‘responsible partners’.

He said: “Nigerian Peace Corps believes in the unity of Nigeria. We believe because we have seen that Nigeria’s unity is working for us as a people in 99% areas. The only area Nigeria as a country has failed is in the area of politics, which accounts for only one percent.
“This is not strong enough to divide us as a people. NPC believes that together we can fix it. Nigeria failed today not because of the marriage between the south and the north, but because of our inability to be responsible partners.”

Abubakar, who also urged on all Nigerians to tolerate one another, called on the stakeholders to intercede for NPC for its inauguration as a paramilitary agency in the country.

Also speaking, the Founder, Mediation Training Institute, Dr. Segun Ogunyannwo, called on Nigerians to be united and embrace love and peace.

Ogunyannwo, who was the keynote speaker at the event, also charged Nigerians to practice love among themselves, arguing that the only missing link in the country is love.