‘Poor quality materials, quackery threaten housing sector’

President of the National Institute of Building (NIOB), Builder Kenneth Nduka, has identified poor quality materials and quackery as some of the problems threatening the housing sector in the country.
Nduka, in an interview with our Correspondent recently in Abuja, also disclosed that corruption had denied the sector the deserved development.
Nduka said: “An ideal built environment should be the envy of Nigerians, judging from the resources Nigeria has and the impressions Nigeria commands. It is unfortunately this is not the case because resources that could otherwise be plugged into developing the built environment have been denied through corruption.
“The built environment as it is suffocates under the negative pressure of poor quality materials, quackery, and non-recognition of the profession by policy makers. As of today,we have deliveries that do not enjoy the professional touch of people who
otherwise are trained to do so.

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