Posterity will judge NASS if they veto Amendment Bill- Adeyeye


The Young Progressive Party’s (YPP) candidate for AMAC/Bwari Constituency for next year’s House of Representatives election, Prince David Adetunji Adeyeye, has called for members of the National Assembly to veto President Muhammadu Buhari’s refusal to sign the 2018 Electoral Amendment Bill.

Adeyeye, who is also a legal practitioner and energy expert, said that history will be kind to the members of the eight assembly if they put aside party politics to fight a common cause.

In an exclusive chat with Blueprint Weekend, Adeyeye said that Buhari has disappointed many Nigerians with his decision not to sign the Bill and was “placing his election first above the common interest of Nigerians”.

He said that the president’s assent on the Amendment Bill would have given confidence and predicability to the laws that will govern Nigeria’s elections, but that his refusal was “ill-advised and very detrimental to the political journey that Nigeria has embarked on”.

He added that it was at a critical period such as this that the National Assembly was supposed to speak with one voice by rising up to defend the constitution and being on the side of the people, despite party affiliations.

He said: “I am disappointed and shocked that president Buhari refused to sign the Electoral Amendment Bill for the fourth time it was presented to him. By refusing to sign the Bill, he has shown us that his election is above the national interest of Nigeria, that’s what it demonstrates.

“As a lawyer, I am one of the people that immediately shouted for the National Assembly to use their veto powers to override the president. Both APC and PDP National Assembly members should put party politics aside and do the needful. Posterity will remember or judge them fairly if, for once, they stand on the side of truth, fairness and justice.”

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