Poverty alleviation: Foundation remembers FCT community, distributes food to poor homes

In furtherance of its objectives to provide succour to the less privileged, the John and Rebecca Ebokpo (JARE) Foundation, in collaboration with the National Patriot Summit (NPS), has distributed food items to over 200 families in Tasha village, Kabusa area of the FCT under the Phase 3 of its Zero Hunger Project.
The items distributed to the beneficiaries include yams, potatoes, rice, spaghetti, fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper, garri, maize, okra, among others.

Speaking during the distribution exercise on Saturday, the Chairman of JARE, Barrister (Mrs) Rebecca Ebokpo, said government has been doing its best in poverty alleviation, but cannot do everything, hence the determination of the Foundation to help in providing food to different families.

She said: “We started this Foundation in 2018 with the objective of providing food to different families, after learning from different organisations in America. The truth is that many families are dying out of hunger here in Nigeria, especially Abuja, while many other families are even throwing food away.

“Therefore,we decided to step in and help goverment in its poverty alleviation programmes by providing food to different families. The task is enormous because many families are poor, so we select the most vulnerable. Due to the fact that we want to reach many families, we cultivate the food items we distribute to beneficiaries in our Charity Farm. If we decide to buy the items, with the present cost of living, we won’t achieve much

“Therefore, we need support from well meaning Nigerians to achieve our objectives. They can help by providing seedlings or lands, because we want to replicate what we’re doing in the FCT in Nasarawa, Kogi, Cross River and other states in Nigeria. Apart from the poverty alleviation programmes, JARE engages in counseling services and we have been able to talk many people out of suicide, among other achievements.”

Speaking with Blueprint, one of the beneficiaries, who identified herself simply as Blessing, said that the food items she received will feed her family for a whole month, begging government to partner with JARE in making life less hectic for residents of the community.