Power tariff: NERC directs customers to explore its website

Faced with the incessant complaints of exorbitant charges by the Distribution Companies (Discos), the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has called on the customers to explore its website to be abreast of  the approved tariff.

Addressing the press on the outcome of the April meeting with nation’s electricity operators, chairman of the commission, Dr. Sam Amadi, warned that any other tariffs outside the approved ones must be stopped forthwith by the companies.
He, however, said customers could only find out the true state of their tariffs when the visit its website.
He explained that the Multi-Year Tariff Order (MYTO) which bench-marked electricity running through 2011 and 2016, was for the period of five years.

“When we say that we have not increased tariff, we do not mean that the tariff you paid in 2011 is what you are paying now, rather we mean that the order of the tariff published has not been changed. That is why it is called Multi-Year Tariff Order. It simply means that we have benchmarked the cost,’’ he said.

He further explained that the arrangement provided for the change in tariff every month of June of the year.
He said except customers had good reasons to back up their allegations, they should not accuse the Discos unjustly.
He said this was not possible given that the tariff had been factored into the MYTO tariff plan.
Speaking on the metering, Dr. Amadi said the Commission expects a robust metering of customers by the Discos, warning the

Discos against reckless estimated billings not in accordance with its methodology.
“The fact that someone does not have a meter does not mean that he must be over-billed. Meters must be read and customers charged accordingly.”
He also urged Discos to fast-track metering of customers, stressing that the Commission wants to see real action on the matter.
Calling on the customers to pay their bills as at when due, he appealed to them to stop or report power theft.

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