PPB, ACT, others train oncology nurses on refresher courses

Imenger while in hospital

Project PINK BLUE in partnership with ACT Foundation, National Hospital School of Post Basic Oncology Nursing and other stakeholders recently trained oncology Nurses, on refresher courses. 

The Course Coordinator, Nurse Mampak N. Nanre, explained that the one-day training for oncology nurses refresher course became necessary to bring all past and present students of the school, up to speed on newly approved oncology courses, emerging issues in oncology, professional advancement and enlighten them on internationally approved procedures to cancer care. 

She said the course which started on 26th July to end on 20th August, 2021 physically assembled thirty nurses representing different states and facilities across Nigeria”.

Also, the Executive Director, Project PINK BLUE, Runcie C.W. Chidebe further said they 

understand the relevance of the roles of oncology nurses as care givers, friends and administrators and we thought it wise to seize this August opportunity to support the re-training of nurses. 

“The course/conference will not only  to reiterate their presence and contributions in the scheme of things but will help themseize opportunities that promote effective multi disciplinary interaction and growth.

“The Conference was notable for its synergism, hands on trainings, instructive presentations, networking among participants, pictures sessions, media interviews, placard displays and award of certificates from Project PINKBLUE,” he said .