PPN set to revive Nigeria- party chieftains

The national leadership of  Peoples’ Party of Nigeria (PPN) has reiterated the party’s readiness to revive the country and not compromise corruption to make life better for citizens.

The leaders made this known during a media parley with journalists shortly before the name of the party’s presidential flag bearer Major Hamza Al-Mustapha was taken to INEC Headquarters in Abuja for documentations.

The Party Chairman, Honorable Eyiowuawi Razak while presenting the PPN presidential flag bearer, Major Al-Mustapha to the gathering said the candidate was a dedicated young military officer who served the nation whole heartedly even when Nigeria was at a cross-road, after the demise of his boss.

He said: “it is time to change the change. it is time for a young man , resourceful and dedicated to lead Nigeria to a land of honey and milk. today Peoples’ Party of Nigeria presents Maj. Al-Mustapha to the nation as our presidential candidate.

“He is our candidate to provide the best security for the nation. He has the experience”.

He further stressed that, “As the name of the party implies, it’s a political party formed to protect the interest of farmers, traders, students, artisan, widows, orphans and the downtrodden,” he said.  

The party’s presidential flag bearer, Maj. Hamza Al-Mustapha , while thanking the party leaders said that Nigerians deserve to have more dividend of democracy than what we have presently. 

He said numerous social vices facing the country especially insurgency shall become an history if Nigerians offer him their votes. 

He added that the “political arrangement”  of the nation shall be readdressed for people to enjoy. “We have to draw a line from yesterday’s rhetoric from today’s reality.

According to him, the party will assist women to realize their potentials. Saying  that they are usually discarded after voting politicians into power. But, “in this party, deceptions is an abuse, no room for that.

He said the mineral resources cornered by a few Nigerians shall be well harnessed and removed from the hands of the corrupt people. 

He assured that the youths, peasants, the poor, people with disability shall have no regret if he is voted into power; adding that, agriculture would be accorded its deserved priority; and the difficulty facing farmers in respect of  fertilizers shall be resolved scientifically, so that there would be enough food for the teeming population.  

He also pledged that Nigerian past heroes and retirees shall get their worthy dues from his admistration without stress.

He further emphasized that he was fully prepared to tackle corruption in the country. “We shall not compromise corruption,” he said.

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