Presidential Tribunal: HDP closes case on nullification of Buhari’s re-election


Hope Democratic Party (HDP), the party seeking the nullification of President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election closed its case on Monday, after presenting a single witness.

HDP, one of the parties calling for nullification is asking the tribunal to nullify the election of President Muhammadu Buhari on grounds of illegality, alleging that government allegedly postponed the election.

Claiming further, the party also claimed that its presidential candidate, Ambrose Owuru, would have emerged successful in a referendum held on February 16.

Meanwhile, the party had at the end of its pre-hearing session, told the tribunal that it had a witness on a subpoena to present before closing its case.

At the opening of session, the HDP witness, Yusuf Ibrahim, told the tribunal that he participated in the alleged February 16, referendum which he alleged was not conducted by Nigeria’s electoral umpire, INEC.

After the first witness testification, the petitioner’s lawyer, Eze Nnanyelugo, told the court about their second witness, Annah Pater, who had appeared in court following a directive contained in a subpoena issued by the tribunal.

Nnanyelugo, however, could not provide the court with copies of the witness’ statement of oath, forcing him to withdraw the subpoenaed witness, shortly after he was docked.

Nnanyelugo subsequently applied for the closure of the HDP’s case.

In their reactions, the various respondents told the tribunal that they saw no need to open their defense in the matter.

The tribunal chairman, Garba Mohammed, then asked the petitioners to file their final addresses within two days while the respondents respond to final addresses within the same period.

The court said parties should conclude their filing regarding the matter on July 27. The case was adjourned till August 5 for the adoption of the final addresses.

The latest development came after the People Democratic Party (PDP) closed its case on July 19 after presenting 62 witnesses, while the third party, the Peoples Democratic Movement, is expected to open its case on July 24.

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