Prosecute perpetrators of Jos killings

Vicious circle of violence will continue reoccurring and hold Nigeria to ransom as long as government at all levels makes its findings surreptitiously without making it public.

Government can only quench the fire of the activities of ethnic militia in the country by sending strong message to those found wanting in any communal clashes.

It wasn’t the first time that innocent travelers were unjustly waylaid along Jos road, but unfortunate events of Saturday, 24 August 2021 along Rukuba Road Jos, Plateau state which resulted in the massacre of about 33 innocent, defenceless travelers heading to Ondo state is strongly condemned and unacceptable.

Someone might wonder why the massacre of innocent people continues resurfacing in the country and Plateau state in particular, despite all efforts by government at all levels.

Government’s refusals on several occasions to make its findings known and bring perpetrators to justice is one of the reasons we are in this unfortunate situation.

The only lasting solution that the judiciary will set is to shun all forms of primordial sentiments and send this ethnic militia to the gallows. Whoever partakes in killing innocent people, their sponsors and sympathisers should be dealt with according to the laws of the land.

In the case of Rukuba killings, certain criminals were seen apprehended who were allegedly involved in the nefarious activities that unjustly led to loss of lives. There’s urgent need for proper action by the concerned authorities.

The Plateau state police command, where the unfortunate and destructive loss of innocent lives took place, said “the ambushing and gruesome murder of innocent people profiled as Muslims and the injury inflicted on many people were carried out by some Irigwe youths”. On several occasions, such ugly scenario has been repeatedly happening without the public knowing the outcome of police investigation. Are these “hoodlums” protected by some kind of law?

It’s widely known that Plateau state has been among the states affected by inter religious rivalry between the two dominated faith in the country, that’s Muslims and Christians, who in normal circumstances are expected to be a perfect example of living in peace and harmony.

Nigerians have heard enough of investigations at the end of which the outcome remains unexplained to the dismay of both the victims and their families.

The gruesome murder of General Alkali remains fresh in our memories, yet, the result is still undisclosed. It’s only when perpetrators publicly pay the price of their actions that it will serve as deterrence to others who have similar intentions.

Government at all levels must assure Nigerians that security agencies would go to any length to ensure that they fish out criminals and miscreants, no matter their connections or religious background, and must be made to face the law of the land. That’s the only solution that will guarantee peace in the country.

Tajuddeen Ahmad Tijjani,
Galadima Mahmud Street,
Azare, Bauchi state

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