PSG star Neymar embarrassed after losing shoe in the Persian Gulf during club’s winter break in Qatar

Even for the best footballers in the world, something as simple as kicking a football for a promotional video can go badly wrong.
That’s the rather soothing message that comes from video clips posted to Instagram by Paris Saint-Germain superstars Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.
PSG are in Qatar for a warm weather training camp and PR tour during the Ligue 1 winter break, and the players have been posting videos and photos from Doha all week.
On Thursday, a video was uploaded to Neymar’s account of him kicking a ball into the Persian Gulf, while stood on a giant PSG logo.
It didn’t go quite according to plan however – as the Brazilian striker booted the ball, his shoe flew off and landed in the water.
Cue much embarrassment for Neymar, holding his head in his hands, while Mbappe and his team mates can be heard laughing maniacally off camera.
Neymar’s caption on the video neatly sums up the situation ‘ ‘Deu ruim’, Portuguese for ‘it went badly’.
A clip then posted to Mbappe’s Instagram shows the aftermath – a group of club and tour staff gathering to fish the shoe out of the water, while Neymar still looks very sheepish.
Another clip shows the players going back to shore in a speedboat, with Neymar still trying to dry out his footwear from the incident.
He is holding the shoe and sole high in the air, whipping through as the speedboat cuts across the gulf, while Mbappe is still grinning about the whole event.
The players seemed to enjoy their trip out over the water, Mbappe proudly bearing the French flag, while Edinson Cavani sunned himself on the jetty while doing some stretches.
The trip was much more successful for Thiago Silva meanwhile, the PSG captain showing off his skills with some slick keepy-uppys.

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