PTAD, please, pay pensioners

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Someone meritoriously served the University of Lagos (which is a federal institution of learning) and the Lagos State University (a state owned university).
Incidentally, at retirement, LASU, employing actuaries, computed the entitlements (pension and gratuity components) due from the institution and wrote the federal institution accordingly. While LASU paid its part to the Pension Funds Administrator of choice of the retiree within three months of retirement, UNILAG wrote PTAD to pay its own .
Since 2012, it has been come today, come tomorrow. It is a and stressful bureaucracy. The amount is losing value daily since 2012.
This is calling on PTAD to please pay its component amount and let the pensioners go and make better use of their money which is depreciating daily. Pensioners are not beggars. It is what they have worked for. It is their hard-earned money with sweat.
An appeal hereby goes to PTAD to follow the excellent example laid down by Lagos State. The current practice by PTAD leaves a big room for fraud and corruption.

Prof. Olumide Ajose,
Lekki, Lagos state, +23481311111

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