Pulpit managers and 2023 polls

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As the 2023 general elections loom the pulpit managers are looked upon as neutral umpires that will do the needful to entrench peace and harmony in the country. They should organise themselves when they get to the podium to deliver their sermons because the country is already in a tension of insecurity, ethnicity, herdsmen clashes, kidnapping, IPOB, banditry and other criminalities.

As men of God they should be more concerned about unity and sanctity of human lives of the citizens than their pockets and worldly materials. The use of language should be godly and unifying capable of bringing peace and harmony for the peaceful coexistence of the country.

The pulpit is sacred and must not be demonised for prosperity instead of salvation. The managers should preach according to the source of their religion and shouldn’t allow themselves to be used by unscrupulous politicians for their selfish needs.

Human race is from one man (Adam), therefore, the reason for either ethnic or religious bias does not necessarily arise.
Segregation is not good for the country in this dispensation. All we need is nothing but unity, unity and unity for peace to return to the land.

Nigerian politicians should maintain decorum as the nation approaches the 2023 general elections. Politicians must be aware that election is not about violence and a do-or-die affair. They should promote peace among Nigerians just as religious leaders must preach tolerance, unity and peace and not to misinform their congregation at any level.

Pulpit managers must inculcate discipline in their followers to show love and care to their neighbours since this will bring the desired peace and tranquility to the country.
In our representative democracy, Christians and Muslims can work together as a sign of unity and understanding of worship. What the nation needs now are not reforms but nationwide repentance and character reorientation that will drive moral values to our national lives.

In a democracy, endorsement of candidate is the exclusive rights of a particular political party on whose platform the candidate wants to contest.

Religious houses are not political platforms for candidate(s) to capitalise on to execute his electoral campaigns, by so doing the sacred homes might have been desecrated and polarised from being holy. A religious leader can carelessly divide his congregation over public presidential endorsements, by endorsing a candidate the followers might not be happy for the singular fact that all members do not belong to one political party or the same interest with the clerics or overseer.

A real man of God should not endorse anyone because he or she is father/mother to all aspirants. The country has drifted from food security to food insecurity as a result of the activities of criminals. Governance has gone beyond tribe, religion, status and of course age. All we should be concerned about is good governance from anybody God may so wish to give to us come 2023. No human being is coming from the moon to lead us. Our leader will emerge from among us who either might have held one position or the other in the past. Ladies and gentlemen, 2023 is beyond all sentiments since the most trusted have swayed. In God we yrust.

Bello Shehu Shuni,
Potiskum, Yobe state

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