PVC remains our only hope

The only faith that remains for Nigerians now is to use our permanent voter card, PVC, to choose a competent and patriotic leader that can take us to the promised land because Nigerians have witnessed series of hardship and hard times in this government. It is, therefore, high time Nigerians come back to their senses when choosing a leader in the coming elections in 2023.

Nigeria is a great country blessed with numerous human and natural endowments but we lack good governance and good leaders which is the main reason everything is going in a wacky shape in this country. Bad governance is the main reason we’re still not moving forward in this country so it’s high time we focused in changing the narrative of this country in the 2023 general elections by using our franchise which is the right to vote and be voted for.

Former chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Attahiru Jega, once told us that “if you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain, we do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” Our PVC remains our best hope to change the bad narrative of this great country to a better one because Nigeria has been bedeviled with myriad of problems and we can only change them by voting competent and patriotic leaders.

The most painful mistake we will make as citizens of this great country is denying ourselves the franchise, that is not coming out to vote a good leader. As a citizen make sure you come out and vote and ensure your vote counts. By doing so we will be able to change the bad narrative of this great country to a good one and bring competent and patriotic leader that can take us to the promised land.

Make sure your vote counts. Get your PVC and this is the best way we can eject bad leaders frrom government and replace them with good ones. Our PVC is the strongest weapon we can use to eject bad leaders out of our government and by doing so we give birth to a better Nigeria of our dreams.

Let me ask my fellow country men and women, do you have voter card? Do you even know the essence or importance of voter card? At this worsening situation that we are in our voter card remains our freedom so ensure you have you voter card to avoid misfortune and putting bad governance in the governing system of this country.

Ensure you have your voter card and use it to change your future endeavours because your vote can be the best medicine or solution to Nigeria. Don’t vote for money or materialistic things because they only last for a moment, they are transient in nature. But vote for your right and for your conscience.

With our vote we can make it happen in giving birth to the Nigeria of our dreams, a better and sustainable Nigeria that everyone will feel the sense of togetherness regardless of our religion and tribe all what matters is a united Nigeria of our dreams since election have never been a means for conflict or using youths as political thuggery but a means for electing good leaders.

Our PVCs remain our ever strong weapon to eliminate leaders who don’t mean well for our country, and its people and the only means to restoring the lost glory of our dear nation.

Election has ever meant diversity, not violence. No matter how bad elements manipulate it in achieving selfish goals it will never be the reason to act violently or cause unrest among your neighbours rather go out and vote for your candidate and make sure your vote counts.

Muhammad Umar Shehu

[email protected],


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