PVCs and 2019

Oyinbo Kano! When will you be picking up your PVC?
It’s in my possession already! But why ask?
Well, you do know that elections are barely a year away and your vote could change the country!
Come on! Not again! You have been guilty of living in the clouds for so long! When will you realize that the real clog in our nation’s wheel of progress is constitutional and not attitudinal? ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’!
‘Oga’! I’m fully awake! Ok, is it the constitution that encourages politicians to steal or misuse public funds? Let us call a spade what it is; It is our minds that must be renewed! Nothing is wrong with our constitution my brother.
Obviously, you have been drinking from the same cup with the very people who want to maintain the status quo. They argue, albeit mischievously, that once people with the fear of God and a strong character get into public office, redemption is bound to come! Well, one only needs to look at the occupants of the highest offices in the land to squash that theory!
You have a point there oh! Even some ‘men of God’ in public offices now tell ‘white lies’!

Ayodele Adio,


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