Quarantine service issues criteria for yam export

By John Oba


Following controversies that trailed the recent yam export, Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS) said it is set to roll out criteria for the exportation of yam.
The Coordinating Director, Dr. Vincent Isegbe, stated this yesterday during a press briefing to address NAQS’ part in the yam saga.
Isegbe said once President Muhammadu Buhari ascent to the Service’s Bill, most if the abnormalities currently impeding Nigeria agric export sector will be minimised.
Clarifying the role played by the service in the said yam export, Isegbe said his organisation inspected and certified the yam exported to the United State of America but that before it could commence work on those exported to United Kingdom, the concernment had been taken out.
He said the yams were not rejected but that due to delays, some got spoiled, adding that Nigerians has continued to export yam as some companied in Lagos have since exported yam and yam chips despite all the outcries that trials the spoiled yams.
“Some company are already exporting yams from Lagos, value been added to yam, some are making derivatives like frozen y chips, yam flour have been processed and developed by the organised private sector,” he said
“Before the yams were shipped out to the US, we certified it but the cargo for UK left before we could inspect it. But I want to assure you that our yams were not rejected. Currently our yams are being sold in the UK and the US, but some got spoiled due to the delay and that has been corrected.
“What the minister of agriculture is telling Nigeria farmers is to look at the bigger picture,” he said

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