Rail Transport generates N435,965,777 in Q2

Revenue generated from passengers who travelled by rail in second quarter of 2018 was put at N435,965,777 as against N413,057,019 in Q1 2018, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), has said.
The rail transportation data for Q2 2018 by the Bureau revealed that revenue generated from goods/cargo in Q2 2018 was put at N159,079,963 as against N151,279,394 in Q1 2018.
According to NBS, a total of 730,289 passengers by rail in Q2 2018 as against 748,345 passengers recorded in Q1 2018 and 596,792 in Q2 2017 respectively.
This represents 22.37 per cent growth Year-on-Year and -2.41 per cent growth Quarter-on-Quarter.
The report showed that a total of 85,816 tons of volume of goods was transported through the rail system in Q2 2018 as against 79,750 recorded in Q1 2018 and 18,212 in Q2 2017 respectively, representing 371.21 per cent growth YoY and 7.61 per cent growth QoQ.

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