Re: Is Kperogi a friend or foe of Pantami?

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I have been following Prof. Farooq Kperogi’s Note from Atlanta, I see language mastery and journalism perfection as well as pen’s manipulation in his write-up. With no iota of doubt, he is a linguistic guru.

Unfortunately, the envy has infected his heart.
Prof. Kperogi in two of his articles said that Pantami is his friend, but his actions do not support his claims – “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. A friend is someone who stays on your side when in hardship and jubilate with you when in happiness. If he couldn’t be with you, he would withdrew honourable and keep advising you in a hush-hush manner. But Prof. Kperogi lost the step by persisting on intruding into Pantami’s privacy.

Everyone passes through some regrettable errors, since no one is immune to committing mistakes. Even Kperogi himself has made some unpardonable errors.

For Kperogi to attack the promotion of the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, to the professorial cadre, describing it whose as “fraudulent” was the height of unfriendliness. I don’t think a friend would put a bundle of thorns on your way, and claim it’s because of the friendship and love that you share. Kperogi cannot be a friend of Pantami.

Kperogi’s hypocrisy is not restricted to Pantami. He also denigrated the world’s top Islamic institution by describing it as “salafist, male-Muslim-only Islamic University of Madinah”. what is his business with Islamic University vis-a-vis Pantami’s professorial promotion. Is it not a globally standard and accredited university like Oxford?

The truth is Kperogi has an tremendous hatred for not only Pantami but the whole Salafi school of thought. A friend like Kperogi? God forbid!

I read Prof Kperogi’s articles thoroughly, but he didn’t mention that Prof. Pantami is the one that sought the promotion from the university. This means that the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, decided willingly to promote him independently, if you have any objection you can forward your disagreement and complaints directly to the senate of the university.

He then condescended by condemning Pantami’s pedagogy, and said that the department of computer science which awarded him a degree later declined him from service due to the weak(ness) of his degree, Hahaha!
It sounds illogical to towncry such lies, the department of computer science should know Pantami’s cognitive ability better than Kperogi. No department would offer a graduate assistant appointment to their least performed product, rather it’s usually offered to the “First Class” or “overall best” students.

Kperogi ought to disclosethe class of Pantami’s degree since “weak” sounds bizarre and unknown to us.
Lastly, Kperogi is just trying to gimmick folk and frill his column with unprovable propaganda (agumentum ad baculum) those who studied a fallacious argument know this better.

As he said, his father, who happens to be a Hafiz like Pantami, would disown him if he ignores or gives comfort to fraud. I assure him (Kperogi) that his father would do same if he finds him invading one’s privacy, particularly a Hafiz like Prof. Pantami.
There is no comparison between Pantami and Kperogi’s father.

Ali Tijjani Hassan,
Potiskum, Yobe state
[email protected]

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