Re: Letter to Governor Dankwambo

I bumped into an open letter written to Gombe state Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, Talban Gombe, by one, Abubakar Isyaku from the state. But that piece should have read, ‘Open falsehood to Governor Dankwambo’, because that is what the article entails – lies and falsehood.
In the said letter, Isyaku struggled to paint Governor Dankwambo in a bad light. Initially my thinking was to ignore the said as a mere mischief of an individual who not only lacks knowledge of the subject matter he was writing about, but also deficient in the art development and governance.
Isyaku is certainly out of touch with the new realities of progress in Gombe state under the progressive leadership of Governor Dankwambo. He further openly exhibited his hatred for Governor Dankwambo, especially as he threw up his ignorance in the following areas:
On the allegation that the state of hospital in Gombe state is deplorable means Isyaku left no one in doubt that he is a novice who lacks the requisite health situation to discuss the state of hospitals in Gombe state.
It may interest Isyaku to know that Governor Dankwambo upgraded the 1500-bed Urban Maternity to Children & Women Hospital Idi and constructed a Dialysis Centre, in the Specialist Hospital Gombe; College of Nursing and Midwifery, Dukku, and a Snake-bite Centre in Kaltungo as well as supply and installation of 4 Dialysis machines and 2 Dialysis chairs.
Isyaku further alleged that N5.2 billion was spent and yet Gombe is faced with poor and irregular water supply – that’s totally false. Governor Dankwambo rehabilitated and reticulated pipelines and extension to Kwami, Gadam etc. He also provided extension of water supply to Baure, Dangar and many more communities not forgetting the construction of Earth dam at Boh, Shongom LGA.
It is no surprise that Isyaku chooses to condemn Governor Dankwambo developmental strides in Gombe but could only pick to discuss health and water – even as at that, all he could do was laced his analysis of the two sectors with lies and deceits.
Even in the midst of crunched economy, and technical recession, Governor Dankwambo has improved the living condition of Gombe people through laudable and human development oriented projects.
The reason why this writer is cut out to throw spanner in the good image of Governor Dankwambo baffles me, but as a spoiler, it is no surprise again that he has done a terrible job at that.
Today, many Nigerians consider him for the number one office in the country because it is on record that Talban Gombe worked at the national level with three different presidents and he served the nation meritoriously.
Evidence abound that Governor Dankwambo has been adjudged the best performing governor in Nigeria in the past seven years in Nigeria. For the purpose of emphasis, it is on record that Talban Gombe has bagged many international awards and recognition for good governance and development.
It is certainly ill-mannered and uncultured for anybody who lives in Gombe State to deny the numerous achievements of the progressive governor of our great state. To describe him as a disappointment and full of empty promises, is paradoxical, to say the least.

Junaidu Usman,
Senior Special Assistant (Press) to the Gombe State Governor

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