Re: M A Abubakar voted out for inability to fix state

In the exercise of their usual puerile and duplicitous stock in trade, the Bauchi State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), through its chairman, Hamza Akuyam, had in a media chat, which was commemorative of what appeared to be the 100 days of the party’s barren regime, made another wild allegation. The party and its leadership have once again relapsed into an obsession with claims that do not, and cannot, advance the overall growth and prosperity of Bauchi state and her good people. Obviously, it was clear from the start that nothing much should be expected from their ranks. This latest chasing of the wind has once again made it apparent that there exists nothing else in their administrative closets that promises better performance. It is simply distressing that millions of Bauchi people are hoping that their barren cupboard will deliver more than mere nuptial celebration that has stretched the entire 100 days.

Of course, any government which aim is only to latch on propaganda and smear campaigns to be seen as working is merely holding on to a straw. There can be no cover up for any leadership that is lacking in virtually every ramification of capacity to deliver quality leadership and to showcase tangible projects. Success is predictable in that whatever one sows is what is reaped. This is why we are witnessing a celebration of empty promises and ceaseless political propaganda at the 100 days celebration of the PDP government in Bauchi state. It was nothing short of rantings of an administration whose conscience is being tormented by its massive failures and monumental ineptitude.

Speaking plainly, the PDP’s media chat was an own goal. It was a total disaster orchestrated to inundate Bauchi people, especially the typical money bag politicians whose essence of being in politics is to accumulate wealth to the perpetual impoverishment of the silent overwhelming majority who did vote, and as a matter of fact massively, for Governor M A Abubakar for a second term in 15 out of the 20 local government areas of the state.

In ordinary terms, one would not have glorified such a wild cacophony with a response. I would rather have waited for the final determination of the case before the election tribunal challenging the Bala’s pseudo victory. However, keeping mute may be misconstrued to mean acceptance of the PDP’s blind-dive into the matter that are clearly beyond their grasp but within the jurisdiction of the election tribunal.

In fact, an elementary student of arithmetic can mathematically argue the circumstances of where five is greater than 15 as declared by the Bauchi PDP. There will never be a numerical substance that can prove that the people in the 15 local government areas who vote massively for Governor Abubakar are less in number than the people in the five local government areas claimed by the PDP.

The statement is at best shallow. It is not only misleading but a last kick of a dying horse because Mr. Bala Mohammed and the PDP are very jittery about the outcomes of the tribunal as their recent misbehaviours aimed at disrupting the tribunal sitting in Bauchi have in no hazy terms indicated that PDP and Mr. Bala are indeed very apprehensive that their errors are fast catching up with them.

M A Abubakar is a well-bred legal luminary who respects extant laws and legal precedents. Thus, avoiding contempt of court, he presented his case and is awaiting the adjudication by the tribunal but those high strung in the PDP resolved to create chaos during the tribunal sittings ostensibly scared that the people’s mandate will soon be reclaimed in the court.

Indeed, Akuyam’s words on the prudent Mr Abubakar is not only intellect barren, but a political fright taken too far. It is a terrible joke that forces one to reaffirm that the credibility gap in Governor Bala Mohammed’s cap is the worst ruin in the robe of integrity. And a sort that can never match that of Mr Abubakar whose integrity remains untainted, dependable and instructively above board.

In Bala’s sojourn as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory between 2010 and 2015 only, so much alleged corruption cases hanged on his neck, his cronies, and family members. It is instructive to remind the world that Mr Bala is currently facing a fresh six-count charge by the EFCC in 2019 bordering on false assets declaration to the tune of N864 million.

In a mind-boggling revelation by the EFCC, Governor Bala was alleged to have given false statement on some properties he acquired in many parts of the country with some situated at the Federal Capital Territory. But in his statement, Akuyam said, M A Abubakar was voted out for failing to fix the state. So, I ask him and the PDP; who destroyed the state in the first place that you are looking for someone to fix it? I answer; it was his party that left the state in the woods and the Abubakar four years stewardship was what brought the state out of the woods and that was the reason he got the majority votes of his people in all the local government areas of the state including the magic five manipulated by the PDP.

Governor M A Abubakar’s stamp projects are everywhere in the state in all the sectors of the economy and to the overwhelming majority of the people of the state, what is desired is continuity of his purposeful leadership. While we anxiously await the determination of the competent tribunal, I will advise those in the glass house not to throw stones into people’s houses.

Ismaila writes from Bauchi.

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