Re: Matawalle under pressure to dump PDP by Musa Gusau

It’s very important to begin with asking, why still ex-governor Ahmed Sani Yarima is putting more pressure on governor Bello Matawalle to dump PDP for APC? A party that Yarima had worked tirelessly to destroy before, during and after the 2019 general election. This is the topical question on the minds of many political pundits in Zamfara state and beyond since when Yarima started polling himself on the set agenda of wooing governor Bello Matawalle from PDP to APC.

Although, since before the Supreme Court judgement on the application for the review elections in Zamfara state, Yarima had made it public that, he was on serious plans to ensure that Governor Bello Matawalle decamped to APC from PDP after the Supreme Court review and was busy conniving with other APC cheiftains to set a way out for an opposition PDP governor, Bello Matawalle against APC, a party Yarima claimed to be a member. What an irony of politics from politically retarded Yarima?
With the conclusion of the legal tussle on Zamfara 2019 polls and how Yarima played double standard, one would begin to reason on why yet Yarima wants Bello Matawalle in APC. Is it another plan by Yarima and other PDP agents in Zamfara APC to destroy APC completely or does Yarima want to use Zamfara resources to ride for his controversial presidential contest come 2023?

The most important aspect of all the matter about putting more pressure on Governor, Bello Matawalle to dump the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and join APC is coming from members of Zamfara PDP and not APC. Those who are putting pressure on wooing Matawalle to APC are PDP members and other minor political loyalists of Yarima who had already decamped to PDP and joined Bello Matawalle long ago.

Despite the fact that, Bello Matawalle is the biggest beneficiary of the intra-party feud that rocked the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Zamfara,  yet not a single concerned and confirmed member of Zamfara APC is willing, wishing or calling for Matawalle to join APC.

 In fact, 80% of the people of Zamfara state are APC supporters, who are with the former governor, Abdul’aziz Yari, and they are loyal to Yari and APC alone. They also believe on Yari’s committed struggle to ensure a united APC under his leadership. They are committed to the next election to ensure Matawalle is out of Zamfara government house. Then, what is Yarima is up to by pressurising Bello Matawalle to defect to the opposition APC in the state?

Abdul’aziz Yari is leading the struggle to regain power back to the APC come 2023, after Sani Yarima and the remaining members of G8 succeeded on disrupting APC’s quest to recover the state through the apex court.

Now, Yarima has no more relevance in the politics of Zamfara, so whether he is planning to woo or put pressure on Matawalle to join APC is meaningless and just a mere political hallucination by Yarima, because Yarima is crafty and has no integrity whatsoever to the people of Zamfara, politically or otherwise.

Yes, every politician tries to get more people to their party, especially governors, but not the likes of Governor Bello Matawalle whom in just eleven months of his leadership, Zamfara state degenerated to the coma state and is unable to manage just a mini party of Zamfara PDP tackless of thinking to lead APC. A governor that was massively rejected by the majority of the populance at the poll and the people of the state are always praying for God Almighty to prevent Matawalle from decamping to APC for them to teach him a political lesson in the next election.
Some APC members and supporters in the state are even jittery over calls on Governor Matawalle to defect to their party by Yarima, citing possible tendency of denouncing the party by millions of APC supporters who believe Matawalle would just be a political disaster in APC and unqualified to lead the people in any aspect of politics.

Why should anyone even worry about Yarima’s submission over the matter when those wooing Matawalle are already known PDP members and not APC? They are in PDP government with Bello Matawalle, they don’t have any moral justification to ask Matawalle to join the party they don’t belong to. They are not recognised at the national level even if they are APC members. Yarima and his co-travellers are not recognised as party leaders in the state, then why ask someone to join a party they don’t belong to or the party they are preparing to destroy? It is a hoax, illogical and taboo for Yarima and even Governor Matawalle.

Former governor Abdulaziz Yari is the leader of APC in Zamfara and is everything in the politics of Zamfara state. He never asked or requested for Bello Matawalle to come and join APC, therefore, all the unguided calls and pressure by Yarima and his likes on Matawalle to decamp to APC are nothing but bunch of lies and deceit from Yarima. Abdul’aziz Yari is the Alpha and Omega of Zamfara APC and would never betray his people on calling for Matawalle to join APC.

Sani Yarima should be bold enough to know that, there is a limit to how far a people can be taken for granted, especially Zamfara APC. Again, the people of Zamfara state will not allow any unproductive politician like Yarima to toy with our future again. 
Finally, for Yarima’s information, Zamfara APC would never agree to accept a traitor governor into APC, now and forever, therefore Yarima should find something reasonable and important to do, than wasting his precious time planning to make the impossible by pressurising Matawalle to join APC. God forbid!

Gusau is the Secretary, Concerned Citizens of Zamfara.

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