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Words upon words might be the essence of Mr. Dan Agbese’s article with the above headline published on the back page of the Blueprint of Friday, May 21, 2021. The article by the famous journalist, Sir Agbese, went beyond my feeble understanding because of the high grammar involved from the beginning to the end. Truly, I read the article hastily because I could not comprehend the actual words. Yes/No! But practically it seems to me those who say yes might be people from the South who believe they deserve to be the leaders of this country since 1960.

Southerners have been nursing unnecessary animosity against the North which is believed to be the set-back for this country to progress. What are we to restructure? We need the advice of the architects on what to restructure in Nigeria. This to me is an old wound from that had to do with what sad incident of 1966. What could be the cause for the persistent call to restructure Nigeria?

Since the emergence of democracy in Nigeria, let’s from 1960, the South, the most volatile region, has not been at ease and by 1963 there had been agitations that resulted in what was termed as wild-wild-west in the burning and destruction of properties of individuals. The call to this and that could have been exhumed from such abnormal incident.

Dan Agbese knows the happenings since Nigeria’s amalgamation because I believe the manner he writes with his golden pen seems to me he knows his subject matter. The senate president and the House of Representatives speaker have spoken the minds of many patriotic Nigerians.

Really, politics in Nigeria generates unnecessary furore rather than delivering the dividend of democracy. In 1960 Nigeria adopted the west minster system. Now, the agitators of its reintroduction were the same people who killed it after only six years of its practice!

The people who say yes are not sincere to themselves and those who say no might be the people who wish Nigeria to remain of one entity. We knew of this political music for long especially when elections are around the corner. However, since 2003 is still far away we should concentrate our efforts in restoring peace to the country.

I believe that the Nigerian media are surely doing their best in this regard. Please, Dan Agbese let the people realise the political tempo is now hitting the roofs of our unity, we should not allow it to ignite uncontrollable conflagration.

It is better to appeal to the Northern governors and certainly their brothers in the South to call Governor Nasir el-Rufa’i to order, as he tries to make Nigeria ungovernable. Dariye’s example got to be put on this deaf and dumb governor.

Please act now, Nigeria is bigger than individual.

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,

Chairman, Kano Unity Forum

Kano, Nigeria


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