Re-the relationship between prayer and work

While going through the Blueprint newspaper of Tuesday, November 29, 2022 (Nigerian time) I came across the above submission you made. It made an interesting reading, presented in simple and cogent language.
Going by the name, iIcan decipher that you are most likely an Igbo brother from the South-east.

Now to the reason for connecting with you.
Are you aware of the politics taking shape here at home? That Peter Obi, your tribesman, is making waves in Nigeria’s political waters as the Labour Party presidential candidate for the 2023 general elections?

His popularity with the youth who make up more than 40% of the voting populace is unprecedented in Nigeria’s journey from independence in 1960 to date. That most of the Diaspora Support Groups, particularly from Southern part of the country, are rooting for the Peter Obi – Datti Ticket?

Do you happen to be a member of one of such groups or just a fence sitter minding your own business?
One such Obi – Datti home support group is the Independent Campaign Management Team (CMT) under the Big Tent.
We are looking for sponsors to support us with campaign materials and funds to distribute same at the grassroots.
Such sponsors could be patriotic individuals or groups desirous of seeing changes and paradigm shifts effected in our dear fatherland.

While wishing you a continuous pleasant and peaceful sojourn in the States, please accept the assurances of our most esteemed regards.

ACG A A Wakili (rtd),
Coordinator, The Big Tent/NCFRONT, North-east Zone

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