Real reason I left entertainment industry, by Joy Edjeren

American-born Evangelist, Joy Edjeren has shed lights on why she quit the entertainment industry to the Evangelism industry.

Formerly known as JJ Bunny and Joy Orie, Joy Edjeren has been living in Houston, Texas from when she was thirteen and made a career in the entertainment industry acting, singing and writing movies.

As a singer, JJ Bunny was signed to the Atch Record Company and as a movie producer, she has seven works to her credit.

Speaking on why she left the entertainment industry to embrace Christianity,  she said it was due to the divine healing she received after being sick for months.

The former Nollywood actress, who hails from Benue State, Nigeria, acted movies like; The Groom’s Bride, Governor’s Gift, The Game and several other movies. During the days of her Nollywood acting her name was JJ Bunny.

She published a book, THE DEATH AND BIRTH OF JJ BUNNY: A First-hand Exposé on The Entertainment Industry.

She became a born again lady, at the time she went to Ghana to shoot a movie, where she lived in a hotel room for eight months running scripts and productions.

Edjenren said, “At some point i left for US even when i had not finished my business in Ghana. I wanted to buy new dresses to fit into the roles i was to play in the films being produced in Ghana. On my way back to Ghana, after shopping in US, i found out i was struggling with my health, i had to call my sister for prayers, which made me feel a bit better.

“Getting to Ghana my health issue increased, which made me to miss the movie shoot. I was moved to different Doctors but no solution. By the time i was taken to Abuja to see my sister, my health took a miraculous turn within 24 hours. 

“I wrote a book to chronicle my life titled THE DEATH AND BIRTH OF JJ BUNNY, an inspiration on how my health issue stopped without taking medicine”.