REAN to promote 40% national energy mix by 2030

The Executive Secretary of Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria Lande Abudu has rolled out plans to promote strategies that will promote the contribution of renewable energy up to forty percent (40%) of the national energy mix by 2030

It’s ES Lande Abudu during a media breakfast meeting in Abuja said the association also want to promote the interest of the members in the renewable energy industry among public and private organizations that may impact on the development of the industry.

He said they want to create a forum for the dissemination & exchange of information relating to renewable energy in Nigeria.

The association is also ready to act as a link between the industry, government, consumer groups, international organizations and other renewable association.

She explained that REAN is an independent, non-profit industry association founded by stakeholders in the renewable energy sector in Nigeria.

“We are dedicated to promoting the growth and development of the industry in Nigeria by the public and private sector to guide advocacy, policy formulation and investment in the sector.

“ Our mission is to be the umbrella association for all renewable energy promoters enabling and encouraging the sustainable development of the Nigerian economy through renewable energy

She said the association in collaboration with Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute (RETTI) , Power for All – Powering Jobs ,  HeinrichBoll Foundation (HBS) among others is planning to engage with the government to drive favourable policies in the sector

She said the association is creating  awareness for renewable energy in Nigeria.

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