Rep Lawal’s 3-year street light project

After disappearing for good three years, having no knowledge of his constituents predicaments, Muda Lawal, member, representing Toro, Bauchi state in the House of Representatives, is now returning to the constituency with a solar street light project, canvassing for people’s support ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Awfully, the over 1.5 million people living in the local government share dilapidated schools and medical centers, drink baf water, use collapsed bridges, coupled with high rate of unemployment. Yet he embarked on solar street light project.

Controversially, each of the solar street light installed is worth N25,000 but inflated to nearly N2.5 million. Thus, if possible, the difference would be diverted to personal account.
Hmm! What a constituency project, dan Allah – three years of solar street light and 10 wells!
Undoubtedly, one would be surprised to hear something of this nature; this is the current Toro’s situation in the hands of Umar Muda Lawal. In three years not months: only street light and 10 wells are recorded in his scorecard.
Toro, being one of the local government areas battling with poverty, poor health care, inaccessible roads, dilapidated schools, bad water, among other amenities, doesn’t need this kind of project now; we need basic amenities.
Therefore, instead of extravagantly purchasing cars and motorcycles for sycophants, it’s better to build infrastructure for the  local government area. This is why you were elected.

Note that, it’s very easy to live without street light but surviving without water, health or education is difficult
Therefore, we needed them the most, kindly provide us with essential amenities like hospitals, roads, water, schools, bridges, among others.

Finally, the high hope we have in you is vanishing as things keep falling apart day in day out in Toro since your assumption of office. Things are getting worst ever in the history of the constituency; three years already exhausted and no town in Toro has benefited from your representation apart from the solar street light

Ukasha Rabiu Magama,Toro, Bauchi state

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