Reps pledge to revisit diaspora voting, unveil own magazine

The House of Representatives has pledged to revisit the case of enabling Nigerians living outside the country vote during general elections in Nigeria.

Spokesman of the House, Hon. Benjamin Kalu, who gave the assurance during a media bridging on Thursday, also disclosed that the house would be unveiling  “The Green Chamber ” monthly Magazine with the objective of educating the people on its full activities.

Responding to a question on the status of the diaspora voting constitution amendment Bill, the lawmaker said while he was sure of the reasons behind President Muhammadu Buhari’s veto on the bill, the House would reintroduce same as it embarks on a fresh amendment to the constitution.
According to him, “the Green Chamber” Magazine Will enhance the widespread of   information and activities of the House to Nigerians, and will document information and research, as well as the showing what each Lawmakers are doing in their different constituencies. 

He said, “the magazine  was built base on the experience and expertise to do the work, addi ng that, it can be compare with other parliamentary magazine all over the word.

“The magazine will review that the parliament in Nigeria is not rish as people see it. Nigerians don’t know that so many things are not working as speculate. Nigerians will be see through the activities.

“It is going to self sustaining project with a lot of advert  and the rate of advert will be high because of the space and reach. We will also look at how to increase  our budget in the coming years.”

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