Reps task stakeholders to address ecological challenges

The House of Representatives Committee on Ecological Fund has stated that it would work in concert with other stakeholders to address ecological problems facing Nigeria.

The committee chairman, Hon Ibrahim Ishiaka stated this during the inaugural meeting of the committee Tuesday.

“The time is now to reflect on number of issues confronting our nation as far as ecological challenges are concerned. Our committee in concert with our counterparts in the Senate, shall strive vigorously to synergize with the executive and every other stakeholders to improve on the existing narratives of our trajectory for an extensive reforms, including legislative backings.

“Our outlook of efficient and effective utilization of Ecological Funds by the 774 local government areas, the 36 states of the federation shall be apt and paramount. Evidence on ground suggests hypothetically that there is a consistent correlation between human factors and about 50 percent of ecological challenges in our country, while the rest could be ascribed natural and or an act of God”.

The committee lamented that despite the concerted efforts of government at all levels, many states are still ravaged by flood with attendant loss of lives and properties.

“We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow and let there be no argument about this. We shall soon introduce our concept of cultural ecology as an integrative approach, with the ambition to support effort of the government on various engineering approaches as well as the public.

Present-day environmental problems show their specific nature.  On one hand, they exceed local ecological crises and merge into a national catastrophe, which affects natural and even more social and economic systems around the country, but the core of this change does not lie in the engineering itself. It consists in the values and behaviour of each single individual”, he said.

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