Rescue Sokoto North/South, Sanusi Danfulani mission 2023 by Muhammad Nasiru

For Sokoto All Progressives Congress (APC) to harmonise its strategic approach to take back Sokoto North and South federal constituency in 2023 and move the constituency forward from failure of the present representation at the House of Representatives, Hon. Sanusi Danfulani is the best candidate ready for the job and would serve as the last option of hope for the APC and the good people of Sokoto North and South federal constituency.

To begin with, Hon. Danfulani is an institution who represents a symbol of humility and good virtues. He is trustworthy, incorruptible, transparent, disciplined, meticulous, law abiding, selfless, God-fearing, humane and tolerant. He is a magnificent achiever and a great leader of global accomplishment. He is highly intelligent, cosmopolitan, brave, determined, indomitable and focused leader who is progressive in all ramifications. 

Danfulani stands tall in the test of time because of his zeal for the well being of his people. He is a leader with a listening ear. Danfulani, as a people-oriented leader with uncommon vision and perseverance, especially in his collective courage as a team player for better Sokoto society, can never be intimidated by any frustrated or political desperado.

Indeed, from the political evolution of the global existence down to history of Sokoto, the activities of great leaders are measured by the degree of their capacity to practically transform their society to better and developed communities of happiness and peace, and this Sanusi Danfulani has done. He has historic legacies which is next to none of his opponents in Sokoto state. He is a coordinated politician and surrounded with exceptionally intelligent people.

Sanusi Danfulani comes from a reputable royal lineage with great affluence and prominence. He has always enjoyed the support of majority of people in the constituency, who have called on him for rescue come 2023 and for better representation at the National Assembly.

In fact, Sokoto North and South, since the birth of Sokoto in 1976, never had it so good in terms of governance, as the Wamakko’s people-oriented and persuasive democratic style of administration as against others’ coercive, barbaric hyper-maladministration, till the coming of Danfulani into the North/South political space.

In the 2019 election in Sokoto, for Hon. Sanusi Danfulani to mobilise over 70% of support and votes for APC and its candidate Ahmed Aliyu Sokoto, shows that Hon. Danfulani is an influential, trustworthy, dependable, predictable, visionary, patriotic, detribalised, scientific, bold, humble, articulate and accommodative Nigerian. He also deserves to represent such constituent.

 However, Danfulani sees leadership as a social responsibility to respond to his people’s needs. He never views leadership as a venture of commercialisation and hooliganism as portrayed by other aspirants. In his determination for greater and accelerated development in Sokoto state, Danfulani delivered the best in the areas of education, youth empowerment, human capital development, among others.

Danfulani’s representation in Sokoto North and South would be of integrity and respect for humanity. It was during the tenure of this so-called member Abu Audu that miscreants, poverty-driven opportunists, unbridled and shameless looting of public funds, moral decadence, social and psychological misery became the order of the day in Sokoto North and South. It is a good testimony that Danfulani publicly shared resources, money and judiciously guided by the fear of God allocated and shared lands, cars, houses, motorcycles and other valuables to people of his constituent in order to empower them.

The truth is that evil men never do good and never see good in good people. Sanusi Danfulani is a learned and refined personality who appreciates everyone especially the good people of Sokoto state, and all Nigerians irrespective of status, religion and tribe. Again, the leader of our great party APC, Senator (Dr.) Aliyu Wamakko is not an ingrate and can never forget so soon the role Hon. Sanusi Danfulani collectively played in bringing APC Sokoto to victory.

Similarly, Sanusi Danfulani, as a member of the traditional institution, can never go against the interest of that great institution. It is on record that Danfulani has been the most amiable consolidator of traditional institution in the history of Sokoto South in terms of moral and financial obligations. He never had quarrel or dispute with any of the traditional authorities. 

Hon. Danfulani has never been a dubious political leader but rather an instrument of initiating and masterminding the emergence of regimes of successful governments since 1999 in Sokoto South because of his potential and his philosophy of detesting any group or government that becomes tyrannical and indifferent to the plights and aspirations of common citizens such as the PDP government under Aminu Waziri Tambuwal which is accused of corruption, executive lawlessness and authoritarianism.

Finally, the people of Sokoto North and South have finally spoken and decided to vote for Hon. Sanusi Danfulani as the next member, House of Representatives for Sokoto North and South Federal Constituency.

 I rest my case!

Nasiru, a concerned APC supporter, writes from Sokoto North, Sokoto

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